Indonesia Defence Minister Inaugurates KRI Tarakan 905

JAKARTA, -- Monday morning (8/8), at Pier Dock Kodja Bahari Jakarta Utara, Chief of Naval Staff (Navy Chief of Staff) Admiral Ade Supandi inaugurated the operation of Tarakan KRI-905. KRI Tarakan is a type of ship Auxiliary Liquid Petroleum (BCM) were first created in the country. Later all ships BCM made in the country will refer to the design KRI Tarakan. Ministry of Defence itself ordered two ships BCM Tarakan class to PT. Dok Kodja Bahari. The second vessel is scheduled to be completed by the middle or end of 2017.
Tarakan KRI-905 weighs about 2,400 tons and a length of 122 meters. This ship also can be driven up to speeds of 16 knots and has a helipad that can accommodate NBell-412 helicopter in its class. As a fuel ship, KRI Tarakan able to carry 5,500 cubic meters of fuel, and able to make the provisions in the ocean known as the RAS method or Replenishment at Sea . After the inauguration, KRI Tarakan Assistance Unit will join the Navy's Eastern Fleet Command.
The unique design of this ship is the story of its inauguration. Actually, in 2014 and then, KRI Tarakan was unveiled by Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro. The ship even had time to do a sailing pass on the anniversary of the military in 2014. However, the ship finally returned to the author in Doc Kodja Bahari. Apparently, most of the equipment in the year it was incomplete installed.
"It was important to navigate, then sailed safely follow sailing pass," Clearly the Navy Chief Admiral Ade Supandi. However, the procurement of ships which was signed in 2011 and it is already very late schedule. "Some of the delays that have been discussed, including the fine according to the rules," said Navy Chief.
Until now, the Navy has six ships liquid aids that he was already very old. Ship procurement logistics aids should also preferred because of its strategic role. As the saying goes: amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics.
-- Asean Military Defense