Director General of Sea Transportation inaugurated two ships buoy observer

BATAM - As a follow-on development activities undertaken navigation vessels in 2015 and then, on this day Saturday, July 16, 2016 held at Shipyard PT. Citra Shipyards, Batam, Director General of Sea Transportation, Tonny A. Budiono inaugurated (launching) two (2) units Boat Buoy Observer are planned to be placed in Class II Base Navigation District Sabang and Class II Navigation District Jayapura.

In his speech, the Director General of Sea Transportation, said that the success of sea transport in particular in ensuring the safety of navigation both during peak seasons such as Eid and in the implementation of freight daily cruise must not be separated from the role and the adequacy of navigation infrastructure. Navigation infrastructure referred to, among others, include the availability of shipping lanes safe and efficient, the availability of navigational aids are adequate and reliable shipping, cruise telecommunications operations according to the demands and international regulations, and the provision of fleet reliable navigation state.

"I hope that the operation of the two (2) units Ship Buoy Observer can be utilized as well as possible in supporting the tasks of navigation, and hopefully development activities vessels other countries that are currently being built in several shipyards also can run smoothly in accordance with prevailing "said Tonny.

Tonny added, will fully support the procurement program ships to support the creation of navigation safety and security of shipping.

For information, since 2015 the Ministry of Transport through the Directorate General of Sea Transportation is building 20 ships of navigation, including five (5) units Ship Buoy Observer, where 2 (two) of which were inaugurated on this day.

Both ships Buoy Observer was built starting in 2015 until 2016 by the shipyard PT. Citra Shipyard with a budget of 68.2 billion rupiah. The specifications of this vessel has a length of 32, 4 meters, width of 6.2 meters, 3.2 meters high, and the engine power drive 2 x 1100 HP.

Note: The ships buoy observer, design by Terafulk Ship Design, build by PT Citra Shipyards Batam.

-- Dirjen Hubla
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