Terafulk is attending a meeting with 3 Ministers

Attending a meeting with the Minister of Maritime Coordinator, Minister of Industry and Minister of Finance of Indonesia Shipping Industry Development.

Terafulk ShipDesign attend meetings held by the Ministry of Maritime Coordinator, to discuss how to improve the competitive ability of the shipping industry and offshore of Indonesia. In the event attended the Minister of Maritime Coordinator - Mr. Indroyono Susilo, Minister of Industry - Mr. Saleh Husin, and the Minister of Finance - Mr. Bambang Brojonegoro.

During the meeting it was decided 6 things that can support the development of Indonesian shipping industry, summarized as follows:

  1. The national shipbuilding industry exempt PPN (VAT).
  2. Government-Borne Import Duties (BM DTP).
  3. Government is going to give incentives such as tax allowance for shipbuilding industry with more than 50 billion rupiahs of capital and able to adsorb at least 300 labors.
  4. Lower land rental fee for the shipbuilding industry.
  5. Strengthen the capability of the National Ship Design Center (NASDEC) in Surabaya.
  6. The government will make a special team as the vanguard in the development of this program.
-- Jawapos