This is the Sophisticated of the Three Latest Bakamla RI ships made by Nation Children

Batam - Three of the newest ships owned by Bakamla RI are the best vessels for the past 34 years. All three are also the work of the nation's children.

This was revealed by the Head of the Sea Security Agency (Kabakamla) RI, Vice Admiral (Laksma) A Taufiq R when met in Batam, Riau Islands, Friday (10/18/2019).

Three new State Vessel (KN) units created by children of the nation in Batam, KN Pulau Nipah-321, KN Pulau Marore-322 and KN Pulau Dana-323  officially entered the ranks of the Indonesian Bakamla which is now known as the Indonesian Coast Guard (IDNCG) .

He explained, each KN has a length of 80 meters, a width of 7.90 meters, a height of 14.4 meters, with a speed of up to 22 knots and has a driving machine 2 units of MAN / 2862LE433.

"I have been 34 years in Indonesian combat units, ranging from fast attack ships to frigates, and I am on board on this ship. I am very satisfied with the appearance, one example of stability, maneuverability, speed is very good," said Taufiq, Friday (10/18/2019).

He revealed, indeed the shortcomings in these three ships were weapons control facilities. However, along with the budget, it will equip these three ships with a 30 mm cannon.

In addition to the 30 mm cannon, it will also be equipped with a remote weapon system that is controlled directly from the bridge.

"Why the 30 mm cannon, because we are not for fighting but carry out law enforcement at sea. But it is gradual, but if for the whole ship at this time it is very good," he said.

In addition, the ship, which was built since 2017, uses an iron body frame. These three vessels have a total contract of Rp 600 billion.

He revealed the advantages of this ship using a sophisticated navigation system from Japan, stabilization for ships, special tank-tank, OPV ship type, and is designed to sail for 28 days, helipad and most importantly, this ship is a native Indonesian product.

"We will also develop this ship, not only patrol ships, but we will also pack it into a mobile station designed to be able to collect data which will later be sent to a large base as Kabakamla makes a decision," he said.


-- OPV-80M design by PT Terafulk Megantara Design, build by PT Citra Shipyard


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