Strengthening Operational Fleet, State-Owned Subsidiary Investing in Tugboats

A subsidiary of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk engaged in the port and logistics of PT Krakatau Bandar Samudera or often known as Krakatau International Port, carried out keel laying for the construction of 1 (one) unit of Azimuth Stern Driven Type 2x1600HP Tugboat.


Chief Executive Officer of Krakatau International Port, Akbar Djohan, said that Krakatau International Port is committed to continuing to develop both in terms of infrastructure and operations.


"Keel Laying here is the beginning of ship construction, which is usually known as the birth day of the ship, starting with making the ship's keel frame," said Akbar, in his statement, Sunday (30/7/2023).

Akbar added that the entire tender process for this ship was accompanied by the Cilegon City District Attorney's Office to ensure that all aspects run correctly in accordance with laws and regulations.

The Keel Laying event was also attended and witnessed directly by the Head of the Cilegon State Prosecutor's Office Diana Wahyu Widianti along with the ranks of the Cilegon Kejari and the Head of the Banten Class I Crossing Authority and Port Office (KSOP) Brigadier General Pol Capt Hermanta, Head of Legal Status and Ship Certification (SHSK) Tanjung Perak Main Port Office Capt Subuh Fakkurochman, President Director of PT Dumas Tanjung Perak Shipyards Andy Bintoro.

"With KIP investing through the construction of this ship, it is based on strengthening marine services as one of KIP's services," said Akbar.

In addition, KIP currently not only serves and operates in the Cilegon Banten area, but KIP also serves ship guidance and delay services in various regions, namely: Marunda, Dumai, Jepara, Balikpapan. Especially in Balikpapan to support the development of IKN.

"As an integrated port, the certainty of guidance and delay services is important, in a year there are almost 1000 ships that we serve, of which 75 percent are foreign-owned ships and of course the most advanced services are guidance and delay services," said Akbar.

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