Improve Surveyor Professionalism, DISLAIKMATAL holds TA 2023 Ship Design Training

Located at Dislaikmatal Meeting Room Memet Sastrawiria Mabesal Cilangkap, Head of TNI AL Materiel Service (Kadislaikmatal) TNI First Admiral Kris Wibowo, SE, CHRMP., M.Tr.Opsla. accompanied by the Director of PT. Terafulk Megantara Design Surabaya Mr. Tri Hariyanto and the instructors opened the TA 2023 Ship Design Training, on Wednesday (13/09/2023).

The Ship Design Training event started with the Kadislaikmatal celebration. In his speech, Kadislaikmatal said that the purpose of this training is to prepare the surveyors to be able to carry out their duties optimally as well as to gain knowledge about the planning process of ship design, ship development and ship maintenance so as to support the ability of future tasks.

This Ship Design Training activity was carried out for five working days starting on September 13 - 19, 2023, which was attended by a total of 30 surveyor personnel from Dislaikmatal and UPT Satlaikmatbar and Satlaikmattim. The training material covers: Lines Plan, General Arrangement, Hydrostatic and Stability Calculation (impact stability), Mildship Sector, Construction Plan and Power, Shell Expansion, Speed ​​Resistance and Power Calculation, and Piping System and Wiring System.

It is hoped that by holding this Ship Design Training, Dislaikmatal can become more Professional, Objective, and Quality.

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